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Hey everyone!
Thank you for reading the comic this year ❤ I appreciate all of you for stopping by, whether it’s been every week or if this is your first visit. It really does mean a lot that you’d come read my weird little comic.

Hopefully the updates this year have been a fun read! This hasn’t really been a very nice year for me, but doing the comic every week (almost) has been a good consistent thing to get me through it. If it’s entertained someone at the same time, that’s a great bonus. Turns out that drawing cuties can have multiple benefits.

We’ve got some fun plots coming up in the next year, in my opinion. More fantasy elements, more leaf, more drama, more cuties and more romance?? Ooooooo. We have a comment section here on the site and a comic discord, so let me know what you’re looking forward to and what you’d like more of! It’s always good to know what you think.

Related side note: I know it can feel like crawling along at a snail’s pace with the weekly updates- trust me I know- and I’d like to do something about that. It’s proving difficult to work out a way to do that without impacting the standard of the comic or destroying the limited free time I have left though. Watch this space anyway, and maybe we’ll have some news on that front later.

Anyway, I just want to reiterate my appreciation for you visiting Spicy Little Leaf and absorbing my wordscribbles. You’re the best. your favourite character thinks so too (they told me).

Happy New Year! I hope your 2022 is wonderful.

Tricky x