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Woah, that was a big update! And speaking of updates…

As of this comic, there is going to be a bit of a form change with Spicy Little Leaf. To start with, I’m now going to be hand-lettering the speech bubbles as I feel like it causes the speech to be better integrated in the page. Not only that, but the comics are no longer necessarily going to be a uniform size (sorry future me if I decide to print this into a collection one day). I want to take advantage of the web format to increase the pace of the story a bit, so you can look forward to more things happening more quickly!

They’re the two main changes to the comic as a whole, but I’m probably going to update the site a bit too, so look out for that!

I’ll be taking feedback as we go forward, so feel free to contact me through the links in the header.

But for now, see you next week!

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