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Thanks to everyone who sent in questions! Here are a few answers I typed up because I like you so much. There were more, but you’ll have to check the vlog! Or maybe I’ll type them up a bit later who knows.

Q: Have you ever made any other comics before this one?

Yes! I did a comic called Common Tricks before this one, when I was back in university. It was a gag-a-day kind of thing without any real established characters and I did it for 2 years? Ish?. It was….. hit and miss. A couple of the better ones I’ve extracted and put below:

Hit and miss, like I said.

Q: Are there any fun Easter eggs in the comic that no one has noticed?

No, not really. Little Leaf is gender neutral though! Don’t know if people picked that up!

Q: What’s every character’s coffee and/or bubble tea order?

Not every character, but here’s a selection:

Ani – hot milk tea – matcha maybe?
Little Leaf – hot chocolate
Lyra – Sweet iced fruit boba – melon or strawberry
Damian – toasted rice or taro boba
Rebecca – Caramel latte

Q: Who is your favourite character?

It’s not fair to make me choose ;D I’ll change the question a bit and say which ones I most like to write! It’s a three-way tie between Lyra, Ani and Bruce. Lyra, because she’s a character I’ve been working on for over 10 years, so I know her really well. Ani, because she gets all my anxiety foisted on her, and writing how she deals with that is always interesting. Bruce, because he has a whole lot of chaotic energy. There are others who are very close to the top, but those three jumped out!

If you want to ask me any more questions, hit the contact button up above!

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